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Coaching League

Available From June - October

Now that you have graduated from the Polo Basics Course, our Coaching League is the next step! This league meets twice a week and each session consists of 2-4 chukkers (dependent on how many participants).

Coaching League focuses specifically on game play. Our goal is to simulate real chukkers so you start to fully understand the game.  We focus on everything from game strategy to horsemanship. 

This league is designed to get you ready to move into the world of competitive polo. Graduates from our Coaching League have moved on to play in higher levels of polo all over the country! 


You must be a current USPA Member

The United States Polo Association is the governing body for all polo played in the US. By becoming a member, you will be apart of the worldwide community. You will also receive member benefits, be able to participate in USPA Events, get your first handicap rating AND show our growth as a community in the Chicago area! 

Polo Basics Course Graduate

  • You have completed the Polo Basics Course. 

    • You feel confident in the saddle, you have a solid swing and you understand the basic rules of the sport. ​

  • Students that already have polo experience: 

    • Must pass a Level 1 Test given by one of our OBPA Instructors! Contact us today to learn more.

Seasonal Half Swing Membership 

Each Coaching League Participant is required to be a seasonal Half Swing Member.


Please refer to the Member Tab for more information. 


Full Coaching League Member

This monthly membership has the best benefits at a great price. Our Full Coaching League Membership includes:

Unlimited Coaching Leagues

Personal Lease Horse 

3 Private Lessons 

Greens Fees included!

Cost: $3,000 / month

Basic Coaching League Member

A step below a Full Membership - still offers great benefits at a lower price. This monthly membership includes:

Unlimited Coaching Leagues

Priority use of OBPA School Ponies

Discounts on Private Lessons

Greens Fees included!

Cost - $2,000 / month

Pay As You Go Option

For those who are unable to commit to our monthly schedule, we do offer a pay as you go option. This is a per chukker fee! Since members get priority, we are limited to what horses will be available for rent. 

Horse Rental - $350/chukker

Greens Fees - $25/chukker

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