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We offer memberships to those who have completed the Polo Basics Course and Graduate Chukkers! Perfect for students who are ready to take the next step in their polo adventure.

Memberships are valid May - October 

You must be a current USPA Member to qualify!

Full Membership - $4000

Includes: ​

  • Practice twice a week 

    • Consistent coaching and guidance on and off the field​

  • Priority on horse rentals and leases

  • Ability to play in all OBPA related matches with discounts on entry fees

    • Sunday Matches at Oak Brook Polo Field 1

    • OBPA Tournament Series

    • Chicago Polo Margarita League

  • Discount on lessons with club pros

  • Tickets to Sunday Polo at Oak Brook Polo Club


Graduate Membership 

This membership is available to those who have completed the Polo Basics Course. Prices will vary depending on when you complete the Polo Basics Course. 

Includes: ​

  • Weekly Coaching Chukkers 

    • Structured to advance your polo skills on and off the field

  • Discounts on

    • Private Lessons ​

    • Entry Fees

  • Tickets to Sunday Polo at Oak Brook Polo Club

  • Ability to participate in OBPA Tournament Series

Junior Memberships - $2000 per month

A junior membership is for kids 16 and under. 


  • Junior coaching chukkers weekly (horse included!)

  • Discounts 

    • Lessons ​

    • Entry Fees

  • Ability to play in

    • Sunday Junior matches ​at Oak Brook Polo Club Field 1 

    • OBPA Junior Tournament Series

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